This post may seem like something brought on by a midlife crisis or a desperate cry for attention… well it’s not, alright!? Yesterday, I posted a status update on Facebook and Twitter asking how much skateboards cost these days. The response I received made it seem like everyone and their friends are getting back into the early 2000’s.

The last time I stepped on a board was way back in 2009 almost 8 years ago… I don’t think I have the ability to kickflip on flat anymore, let alone hitting up a few handrails. But, I am sure as shit going to try (and probably do a glorious faceplant when I try to do a frontside boardslide on a sidewalk).

The point of the post is that I had no idea how expensive skateboarding has become. Gone are the days where you could buy local boards for R250. I searched far and wide, and the cheapest deck I found was from a company I have never heard about for R400. Jinne, expensive. But, I’m getting into this thing. I’d probably have to give up a few “dop-naweke” but it’ll be worth it.

Next point: The spots! Okay, Board almost acquired (can I get a sponsor?), where to go from here? This is where I need some help. The only remaining skate spots I know of is Thrashers (or whatever it’s called now), and the secret (not-so-secret) spot in Pretoria West. Those are the only spots I know of, anybody keen to help? Drop a comment or gooi me an email.

The whole premise of this post is to hook up with a few “older” skaters who want to join my team of one, as we hit up a few places during the next couple of days. Cruising and chilling, dare I say like the good ‘ol days?

All skaters are welcome to join, even if you’re just starting at the ripe old age of 25. Let’s fokken gooi and loose those beer bellies while actually doing something, other than binge watching series.


Let’s do this

Not this

Header Credit – Kimberly Diamond Cup