Like any other month, a lot of my time was spent watching movies and being a very lazy human being without any ambition. More importantly, so far we’ve had more off days than actual working days in January, so through my drinking and other ‘things’ schedule I got into a lot of movies, horror movies as a matter of fact. Some were shit your pants scary, and others were just shit; here are a few I got through:

The Conjuring

It lived up to its promise and I was left with holes in my duvet as I was relieving the stress by eating the closest material. It gave me the chills and that fucking Annabelle doll is what nightmares are made of. James Wan really set the bar high with his spine-chilling ‘based on a TRUE STORY’ horror. Don’t watch this at night… alone… you are bound to hear footsteps outside the door for no apparent reason.



The surprise package between all of them, if you have a strong dislike for dead ghost children and adventurous ways of killing off a family, I suggest you stay away from this one. It’s about some or other ghoul demon that EATS children, not really actual eating – more devouring of their souls, and a mysterious serial killer. It had its moments and may cause a few ‘briekmerke’. We recommend.


28 Days Later

The ‘zombie’ movie from Danny Boyle that started off with ‘zombies’ as fast fuckers. The reason why I referred to ‘zombies’ in apostrophes is that they’re not actually zombies, more of infected angry people with a serious case of pink-eye. Good, but not really a striker of fear.


28 Weeks Later

The sequel to 28 Days Later and what a ride this one is, most people will argue that 28 Days Later is way better but my lady and I enjoyed 28 Weeks Later much more. So much more action and moments where you do not know what the hell is going on, and wonder whether some infected fat guy will jump through your window… Must watch for us!


Dance of the Dead

Don’t ask me why I rented this, I have no idea. I read that it is a decent zombie movie and that it’s in the same mould as Shaun of the Dead… how wrong was I. It’s utter shit and the one-liners will make you squirm in disgust. Look out for the part where a high school punk-rock band plays to the zombies to fight them off… NO!

Dance of the Dead

After Earth

Jaden Smith, that is all! His face and his frowning expressions were a horror to sit through. Avoid at all costs.

After Earth

These are the movies I got through this January, most of them are horrors. My gurrrlfriend hates me for it, but I still love it.