With the December holidays now in full swing and most bonus’s spent at bars in a mere weekend, I thought about ranting about holding one’s own liquor or alcohol intake. This weekend if you were following me on Twitter, you would’ve noticed that I had a hectic Saturday filled with drinking and having way too many shots for one person to comprehend, I was in the wise words of Fokofpolisiekar, a bit “Dagdronk” . I had my nay sayers stating I would not hold my own for the whole day, well fuck you guys! I had a dubious amount of suitcases and brandy poured in my face. I was “the last one standing” and still making sense of everything around me. These are a few of the tweets I threw down on Saturday, progressing from breakfast to shots and to one happy camper failing.

Bonus? What Bonus?

Bonus? What Bonus?

A semi drunken breakfast with @Allain90416696 @Die_Poena @NieldieBaas @celestestander http://via.me/-7u3kt2o

Ermahgerd I lurv suirtcases @celestestander @NieldieBaas @Die_Poena http://via.me/-7u791fg

Taking up “Dagdronk” quite nicely today. Brandy and suitcases on the menu, the whole day @Die_Poena @NieldieBaas @celestestander

This picture tells a thousand words. Looking snazzy @Die_Poena http://via.me/-7u9inye

Oh my gawd @NieldieBaas just opened the flood gates next to the table in O’Hagans….

Apparently I am a special today #69alltheway http://via.me/-7ubq062

See you at the bar