The Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead gave us the moment we were waiting for… Shiva!

Ever since King Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva appeared on “The Walking Dead,” we’ve been waiting to see what Shiva does best: protect her master and maul the living crap out of someone…

To my delight, not only did Shiva finally attack this past Sunday night, but the CGI looked damn good. How did they pull it off? Well, it all started with a stuntman in a blue mo-cap suit!

The below video that was just uploaded by AMC provides some behind the scenes insight into the Season 7 finale, particularly highlighting the effects work that went into bringing Shiva to life for the heroic and totally badass moment where she saved the day. Stuntman Scott Hunter was the man who launched himself off a trampoline in a tight blue bodysuit, and effects house Rhythm and Hues then went in and replaced Hunter with the impressive visual effects.

Check it out below: