Horror fanatics are always dissatisfied by the crap that is coming out of cinemas these days, movies are not hardcore enough or there is not enough gore to please. I myself love horror films. The straight to DVD films are always such hectic stuff to watch but so addictive. If you need some hectic horror films full of blood and to keep you entertained, look no further than these terrifying flicks. (Some of them may be impossible to get your hands on) and definitely not safe to watch around kids.

Salo: It is a film based on the tale of four powerful men – a bishop, a duke, a magistrate and a president who kidnaps a handful of people to basically torture them, think Saw x 10. Rape and torture around, as well as the consumption of human excrement. The film is extremely difficult to watch and will not be suitable to people with a weak stomach. Dismemberment, burning flesh all around sick stuff will make you switch it off before it finishes.

Cannibal Holocaust: A film that made people puke when it came out and even had an investigation around it which the director had to prove the human brutality was not real (hectic!). Cannibal Holocaust is a complete gore fest. Beatings, murders, rapes, castration, beheadings, impalement – it’s all here, but it’s all fake.

Cinderella: As the go-to country for twisted cinema, South Korea .The story of a girl who discovers that her mother’s plastic surgery business has a dark connection to a vengeful ghost. School girl ghosts and other weird spirits are always in the mix for an Asian horror.

Society: A sick and perverse movie that doesn’t even have a teaspoon of blood in.The movie is about a group of rich, popular people in Beverly Hills who are actually disgusting amorphous creatures who feed on the bodily fluids of human beings. How they feed is called “shunting,” they lose all control of their bodies and melt into a sloppy mass of flesh.

The Human Centipede: One of the latest shock films that was inspired by a joke, a tale of three people getting attached to each other, ass to mouth, to form a human centipede by a crazy doctor….. and to make your stomach even flip out even more, removing their knee caps so that they can only crawl… The most difficult part is probably watching them wanting to do a number 2 with the person attached to them…..KOTS

The Hills have eyes: A film that is equally disturbing and scary, a family gets stuck in a remote desert in New Mexico and is hunted by mutated hillbilly’s. A mix of gore, fear and some bit of reality is experienced in the film. Not appropriate for people with weak stomachs.

Jaws: Arguably the greatest horror ever, directed by Steven Spielberg about a monster great white shark that terrorizes a beach community leaving behind blood-red water. It is a fun and entertaining film to watch and makes you think about swimming so deep again in the deep blue. Fun Fact – The very first scene in the movie with the skinny dipping girl was shot in one of the producer’s swimming pool.

There you have a list of movies that needs to be seen (or not) that may fill your horror fantasies. I will rather stick to the last two, I love horror but the first one’s are a bit hectic for my taste….