Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is currently at the top of the charts, but it’s not exactly the kind of movie horror fans go crazy for. Beauty and the Cannibal, however. Now we’re interested!

YouTuber Aneil Maharaj (The HollyHobs) drew inspiration from the hit musical for this fun video that reimagines the iconic song “Be Our Guest” as a tale about Dr. Hannibal Lecter inviting his friends over for dinner; of course, his friends are the main course. The clever rendition of the song is paired up with clips from NBC’s “Hannibal,” and it’s sure to make you miss the show.

Believe it or not, it’s already been just under two years since the final episode of “Hannibal” aired on NBC; the network cancelled the series back in 2015, shortly before the third and final season wrapped up. Creator Bryan Fuller has been teasing a possible return for some time now, but nothing is set in stone. Last we heard, it won’t be for a while…

In any event, check out “Disney’s Hannibal” below!