Nog ‘n lekker makietie! Guys, Ghouls, Wizards en al die Harleys, Arcade Empire and Griet are gooi-ing one sick Halloween 2017 at the eerie Voortrekker Monument Amphi Hall area on the 28th of October! Expect a killer line-up, terribly fun and spooky vibes this time around. Be afraid, but don’t forget to have fun & turn up your squads creep level! Trek aan en wees kak scary of wees ‘n nul.

Last year we had a #jol at Halloween, we can’t even describe the fun when the night hit and the freaks started klapping the Monument. Good times and piele costumes.

You don’t want to sleep on this one. Trek ‘n maatjie saam and have a moerse Halloween party this weekend. Here is the lekker line-up on the day. So much fokken awesomeness…


17:00 The Bad Guys
17:45 BOXER
18:30 The Tazers
19:15 We Are Charlie
20:10 Jagermeister Brass Cartel
20:30 The Plastics
21:30 Tweak
22:45 Alien Ant Farm (USA)
00:00 Fokofpolisiekar


19:00 lil’ bow
20:30 Hello Beautiful
22:00 Popartlive
23:00 PHFAT
00:00 Okayyy


17:00 Matt Suttner
18:00 Two Tone
19:00 Nikolai
20:00 Weston & Engine
21:00 Illing
22:00 Kyle Russøuw
23:00 Ryan Murgatroyd
00:00 Kyle Watson


Klink soos iets wat jou brein gaan blaas en jou spiere sommer in ‘n spasma slaan? Vir ons ook, bra.

Jy kan jou tickets sommer hier kry of vir R250 by die hek op die dag vanaf 16:00. For more information, hit up the event.

We’ll see you there for some freaky, ghoulish and party vibes.

Ons, net so 2 ure in op Halloween…