He’s Half ‘n Half, and he likes playing a variety of tunes ranging from indie, rock ‘n roll and funk right through to electro beats that will leave you begging for more.

Half ‘n Half will be performing at the next Park Acoustics, and we’re damn excited for this one, as the last Park proved to be one of the best we’ve ever been to. Hell yeah! With that said, we caught up with Half ‘n Half before his performance at Park Acoustics.

Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to talk for a bit. How are you feeling about your performance at Park Acoustics?

Hey man. Thanks for taking the time to ask me questions. Park Acoustics is always a great day out and this one will be just as special. I get to round off the day after amazing live performances by Alice Phoebe Lou, Matthew Mole and Josh Kempen. It will be a great day of live music.

What are your expectations for performing at Park Acoustics?

The crowd is always lively and Pretoria is full of open-minded music loving people so playing to such a receptive crowd is a breeze.

How would you describe your sound to the average person?

I basically play a mix of funk, disco and electronica with splashes of indie and electro. If you like to get down after a few drinks, I’m your man. That was not intended to sound sexual.

What makes you excited about being a DJ in South Africa?

DJing in SA is fun because there are constant innovators who are doing really killer work on the production front. I get to introduce new music to people, amalgamating new songs with familiar ones and making people dance at the same time.

Awesomeness! What has been the top point of your life as a DJ?

Playing on line ups such as opening for the Kooks, The Lumineers, and a few others. Oppikoppi has always been a staple favourite.

Any weird or strange stories from previous performances that you would like to share?

A friend was hammered at Mieliepop last year and fell off the stage while I was playing. He’d come up to tell me something and fell off and took a monitor with him. It was pretty funny.

Hectic! Last question, any surprises in store for people who have never heard you perform?

I’ve been hunting for new music lately. So who knows, people might hear their new favourite song.