Mieliepop is back!

One of South Africa’s most beloved boutique music festivals returns 21-24 March 2018. The Republic of Mieliepop offers a laid back 4 day musical festival experience with 90+ acts performing on 6 different stages at a one of a kind venue complete with lakes, swimming pools, caves, green lawns, luxurious ablutions facilities and beautiful, friendly festival goers.

Good vibes all around! Come and experience the awesomeness that is Mieliepop this year. You don’t want to miss out… belowe.

With all of that said, we had a chat with HAEZER ahead of the festival.

Hi there. Much appreciated to have a quick chat before Mieliepop. How are you feeling being back at Mieliepop in 2018?

I can’t wait. Mieliepop is probably my favourite festival to play in South Africa! I’m also very excited to take the Heads Will Roll brand out of Cape Town for the second time after the big success at Grietfest.

What makes you excited about performing at a festival?

The atmosphere at a festival is incomparable to a club show. The festival goers are always up for anything and just there to have a good time. I also love playing in an unusual setting and Mieliepop is absolutely beautiful and the fact that I can play to people raving in a cave excites me most.

If you could describe Mieliepop in one sentence, what would it be?

Mieliepo is a musically diverse, unpretentious festival with the main focus on creating an environment people can lose themselves in good vibes too.

What can people expect from HAEZER at Mieliepop this year?

I’m playing two sets essentially. My HAEZER set is predominantly bass house, suppose to my HWR set with George Daniel and Hyphen(who unfortunately won’t make it) which is more diverse and usually ends in drum ’n bass.

What has got to be the most random thing you’ve seen at a festival?

DJ act with a snake on stage.(it was some hardstyle act at a festival in Belgium I played).

Who is going to be your wingman at Mieliepop this year? And why?

I’ve got two. George Daniel, my brother in bass and my girlfriend who out parties the best of us.

What has been your absolute favorite Mieliepop memory?

Sitting on Johan Auriacombe’s (owner of Griet) shoulder, jamming my ass off to drum ’n bass. That and fangirling out to Urban Village.


Thanks, man! Remember to get your tickets ASAP, right here!