The Internet has come a long way since the ’90s. The only things I remember from using the internet at such a young age were the dial-up modem sound and playing Neo Pets for ages, and when I felt a little brave, I used to check out Rotten dot com….

Gizmodo recently posted some pages from a book that they came across called You Can Surf The Net, a how-to guide from the year 1995, and it’s awesome!

It goes over some great stuff like tips on how to avoid being ‘flamed,’ which was defined in 1995 as being when “people fill your electronic mailbox with angry messages telling you what they think of you.” Flame on guys!

We included additional commentary that goes along with each image thanks to the site who has read the book:

“’Don’t worry,’ the books tells me. ‘You have to really mess up to get flamed.’ Really, all you have to do to get into a flame war is mildly disagree with someone.”


Robocop? Okay? Oh yes, 1995…


This one is for Keenan Mulvaney


“Not only was the web small enough to put all of its notable websites and chatrooms in one easy to read index, but doing so was actually seen as valuable. The author even had enough leftover space to include a handful of websites he thought were a complete waste of time.”