Many people – Including us – have been patiently (yeah right) waiting for Rockstar’s newest installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. And now that it’s finally been released, we feel like we would do almost anything to get our hands on a copy… But, unlike the couple of idiots in this story, we wouldn’t go around impersonating cops, or stabbing people to get our GTA fix.

Spurred on by an uncontrollable desire to play the game, three dumb-asses from Staten Island posed as police, just to get to the front of the line at a midnight launch at GameStop. They definitely looked the part as they arrived in a (formally) unmarked police car – decked out with the lights and everything – that was bought at an auction. The trio even flashed a fake badge and stated they were with the NYPD.


They got their game, and probably thought they were “home-free”, and maybe if they had just followed the rules of the road, they would’ve been… But unfortunately, they were either extremely nervous and/or just really stupid; they ran a couple of stop signs while still in the parking lot, and were pulled over by the real cops soon thereafter. Yeah. They were arrested and charged with criminal impersonation… Well done.

GTA_5_WALLPAPERAs if that amazing display of idiocy wasn’t bad enough…

Another three geniuses (I’m sensing a pattern here), decided to liberate a man of his (freshly bought) copy… and then proceeded to stab the unfortunate gamer.


“I can’t wait to get home and play th… OH SHIT!”

After the 23-year-old got hold of his copy of Grand Theft Auto V at a midnight launch event in the UK, he was on his way home; and after a mere hour or two of being a GTA V owner, he was assaulted and robbed. Hit by a brick, stabbed and then relieved of his phone, watch and sadly, even his brand new game.

Three teenagers have been arrested and are being questioned by police for the attack. The man is recovering in hospital. It seems that when video game becomes reality, it’s not as much fun anymore.

These incidents will undoubtedly throw more fuel on the “violent video games are bad” fire, so please don’t jump on the moron bandwagon and buy the game like everyone else, dammit!