Alright look, there’s no debating it, condoms have become an essential part of modern sex –“modern” as in we’re more responsible about sex, not modern in the sense of robots getting down, even though that would be awesome– so there’s no excuse for not using one.

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But just as there are still a lot of men who refuse to cover their privates in a raincoat when it gets all wet, there are also more than a few women who find the idea you wearing a condom “unsavoury”.

So if you’re ever faced with such a lady, and you’re savvy enough not to dive in unprepared and unprotected, you can use these great tips from Durex to talk her into changing her mind.

1. If a woman says she doesn’t want to use a condom, it’s not time to party or to take it a step further. If she says it to you, who else has she said it to? Even if she doesn’t have a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), – you also have to ask yourself if you’re ready to have unplanned pregnancy? Babies do cost money!

2. Using a condom shows you respect your partner. Tell her this. If you respect her more than she respects herself, is sex really a good idea?

3. Condoms can help men last longer during sex. Tell her you want to give her as much pleasure as you possibly can, and the condom helps. Don’t be ten-second-Tom.

4. If she says she wants to feel close to you, tell her that being able to relax and know sex is safe will make you feel much closer to her than worrying about the consequences otherwise.

5. Some condoms are designed to make sex even better. Try a Pleasure Max & Pleasure Max tingle if she says she doesn’t like the way condoms feel.


6. Should she persist, tell her that you don’t want to put her at risk of any STIs. Even if you’ve only had a blow-job from a partner in the past, there’s a chance you could have contracted something.

7. If a woman says you’re not a man if you don’t have unprotected sex, tell her you’re mature enough to know how to be sexually responsible – and that makes you much more of a man.

8. A small amount of women are allergic to latex condoms. However, you can buy latex-free condoms. Keep your condom tin stocked to avoid disappointment. Racing down the street to buy a few condoms can endanger you and those around you.

9. If a woman refuses to let you use a condom, refuse to have sex. Yes, it might be hard (ahem) but there are other ways you can relieve your tension without risking an STI or unplanned pregnancy.

10. Worried you’ll get a reputation if you refuse to have sex without a condom? The only women you’ll put off are ones who don’t value mutual respect. Secure women will see it as an asset – and they are generally a lot more fun to go out with.

And hey, while you’re at it, go check out the Durex site for more great tips and info about everyone’s favourite… “past-time.”

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