It’s that time of the year again: Christmas chimes are in the air, and we’re gatvol of work for the year! 2014 has been quite a strange year – 2013 was a son of a bitch, but 2014 has treated us fairly…

2014 saw Why Ed getting a complete makeover, and reaching views that we could only dream of. We met some great people and distanced ourselves from others who were not so great. It was a challenging year to say the least. Why Ed only crashed once or twice (from an internet perspective) it was a good one! But in our personal lives we were making strides: Tank has fallen in love and has a steady (and geeky) girlfriend, which is awesome! Ed has been… Ed. He’s happy on the outside. He really wants to “get out” of the financial world. So, here’s to 2015! Hopefully Tank will continue his “hande bo die kombers” relationship, and Ed will keep not-being-thrown-out by his amazing girlfriend. Hopefully they’ll all become a huge Norfff-en success.

Thanks to all of our readers for the support and internet-love this past year. If we could, we would make out with each and everyone of you! We’re dead serious, we LOVE all of you – men and women alike!

Cheers, and see you at the coastal bar!

We’ll be back in 2015!