Park Acoustics and Pringles proudly presents Parks Spring Edition with Spoegwolf, Aking, Grassy Spark and more! Hell yeah!

2018 felt like an exceptionally cold winter and for that reason, they’re going BIG and celebrating the change of seasons with an all-star line up featuring Spoegwolf, Aking, Grassy Spark, Bad Peter, Charlie Finch and Half ‘n Half.

Comedy will keep a smile on your face(until Monday morning) with Robby Collins, Vittorio Leonardi, and Gilli Apter.

Pringles Main Stage

11:00 Charlie Finch
12:05 Bad Peter
13:10 Grassy Spark
14:20 Aking
15:30 Spoegwolf
16:30 Heasphase

Sunset Comedy Stage

Robby Collins
Vittorio Leonardi
Gilli Apter


R150 Online 
R175 Gate

With that said (do you have your tickets already?? Mmmm?) I had a quick chat with Josh Riley from Grassy Spark:

You have been up to a lot since you were last in Pretoria for Park Acoustics. How would you describe your year so far?

Yoh, what a crazy year. We not giving away any secrets but there is some exciting stuff in the pipeline. Have done a couple tours, oh ya – Josh had a baby haha

You recently played a show at the Two Oceans Aquarium, what was that like?

Are you planning on doing similar shows like that at other new venues?

It was incredible – Intimate, and really special. The setting was stunning. If other opportunities like that present themselves, we will definitely jump to it. Big congrats to Texx and the City on putting it together!

I absolutely love the Beyoncé cover that you usually do, along with a few other covers in an epic medley at the end of your set. What made you decide to do these covers?

Whenever choosing a cover the most important part is to try not be as self-indulgent as possible, while being incredibly self-indulgent haha weird but ya. We like to think we are DJs in this sense, blending songs we feel people will trip out to in the club – included a special twist on the end of this medley recently, excited to play it at Park Acoustics (if there’s time).

You are quite a big band compared to others. What is your songwriting process like?

We actually 5 now – mmmm songwriting process has always been tough and with the new direction has its growing pains. But the core songwriters, Yanick and Josh usually put forward ideas and we take it from there. Simos also recently wrote a track – Its full party. Park Acoustics gonna tweak to it.

You have a cool sponsorship going on with Jägermeister and Converse. How did that happen? And have you ever thought about trying to make your very own Grassy Spark Converse sneakers? That would be so rad.

Jagermeister happened via our booker Mel and its been such a pleasure being a part of the Jager music program. Converse happened via a PR company styling concepts, so no direct contact with Converse yet…But yes, we are keen on that because #ForeverChucks

Are there any new surprises that you are planning for next weekend’s Park Acoustics?

It’s too secret to say…best wait and see.