Jerome had several mannerisms that lead most viewers of Gotham to believe that one day he would end up being The Joker in the Batman universe. Well, that theory was put to rest last night when Jerome was killed off, but that wasn’t the end of it. Heller revealed to the Nerdist that all would be revealed about Jerome, telling them:

“We’re going to be giving you concrete answers to his identity. That story is going to come to a huge and shocking resolution which will explain the whole Joker myth and how it began and how the Joker came to be.”

If you saw the episode then you know how exactly Jerome’s involvement fits in with how the Joker came about. It was all a part of a curse that his father placed on him before Jerome killed him. That curse was realized at the end of the episode after Jerome was killed and residents of Gotham who saw him on TV started going insane. While talking to Deadline, Heller explained:

“It’s a twist that leads to more twists. The creation of the Joker is a larger and more epic story than people realize, and this show is very much about kind of the deep, secret history. So, as the show rolls on, people will see how a mythology is born, how a kind of cultural mien is created that will lead us to the Joker himself.”

“Sometimes backstories are more complicated and interesting than, you know, falling into vat of toxic chemicals or being bitten by a spider. Like they say, nobody creates themselves out of whole cloth, whether it’s Elvis Presley, or you name it — Jesus. There’s a tradition in forebears and ancestors of those characters that went into creating them. So, to me, Jerome is genuinely the mother and father of the Joker. He is the seed of the Joker.”

So, how would the Joker be introduced into Gotham City. Heller then teases what we can expect to see from here on out in the series:

“You’ll see how Gotham itself coalesces around the legend of Jerome. I don’t want to give away too much, but the audience will see an organic progression towards the real history of the Joker, rather than a kind of legendary supervillain who creates himself out of nothing.”

One of the other things that Heller is most excited for the audience to see, though, is the story arc for Bruce Wayne. He went on to tell Nerdist:

“Something we’re going to see this year is the underbelly of Wayne Enterprises, the Indian Hill bioengineering laboratory, the subterranean aspects of Wayne Enterprises. When we go there and see what they’re doing down there, we’re going to be introducing the great Dr. Hugo Strange and Mr. Freeze.”

We’re kind of sad that Jerome is gone… but will real Joker please stand up? What did you all think about Jerome’s role in the birth of The Joker?

Via GeekTyrant