An awesome set display at the Saigon premiere of Kong: Skull Island went up in flames causing panic to all in attendance…

As you’ll see in the video, that thing burns quickly! We’re surprised at how much the fire spreads in what we would assume is a short time judging by the response of the Fire Department.

That’s one way to make a premiere stand out. Jinne!

The entire stage was invested one billion of Hollywood blockbuster debut in Saigon fire. In particular, Kong monkey model about 5 m high fire iron frame. According to information from the scene, no casualties.

Around 19h05, at the beginning of the premiere of the film, the public cast members danced around the fire in the air that created the atmosphere of the red carpet welcoming stars and guests. Suddenly flames of flammable materials explode and fire spreads to the stage, sharpening into the elaborate Kong monkey model.

The new King Kong movie is set in Vietnam. This is the first time Vietnam has received a film crew of Kong Kong: Skull Island. The entire cast of 225 staff members of the crew worked for about a month in Vietnam last year. They roamed from vast untouched caves in Quang Binh to the peaceful town of Phong Nha, from Ninh Binh province to the famous Halong Bay.