Eternal South African rock music supporter, and award-winning journalist, Gary Cool, has spread his wings and landed a time slot on international radio station, Team Rock Radio.

Always pushing to bring South African music into the spotlight through cutting edge music journalism, this former Capetonian has always been an advocate for local music, and a wellspring of information on anything and everything in the South African music industry.

“Gary Cool is one of the music journalists from South Africa that we all look up to. This new venture of his will certainly put South African music on the map – I cannot wait to see what he cooks up on Team Rock Radio.”Wayde Flowerday 

Team Rock Radio is an international, online radio station. DJing alongside the like of Bruce Dickinson, Chris Jericho, the editor of Metal Hammer magazine, and many others, he will be bringing his own South African flavour to the station. Utilising this platform as a springboard for South African artists, he will be showcasing South African music to the world – from interviews to reviews, opinion pieces to debut playlistings, Gary will be giving the South African music scene the international exposure it has always deserved.

“I have been fortunate to do a lot in the South African music scene – from having my open letter to Bruce Springsteen result in him touring the country, to emceeing some of the biggest stages in South Africa, but none of that seems as surreal as having a show on Team Rock Radio. This has been a dream of mine for years, and I look forward to sharing my love of South African music on an international stage; hopefully opening doors for South African artists across the globe. Plus, who wouldn’t be excited about being on the same station as Bruce Dickinson?”Gary Cool.

“Finally, Gary Cool, tireless bastion of rock ‘n’ roll and prodigious supporter of the South African music scene’s hour is at hand …” – Paul Thackwray (Marketing Director at Sony Music Entertainment Africa)

Even after interviewing the likes of the Foo Fighters, Slash, Bring Me The Horizon (and many, many more), Gary’s focus remains firmly on bolstering the South African music scene, with special attention always being given to unsigned and underdog artists.

“Gary Cool is one of the local legends that has been supporting local music for as long as I can remember. His new show will be a great opportunity to get SA music to the masses, and I know he’ll be giving it his all. I’ll definitely be tuning in.”Francois Van Coke

“I think a very important part of being a musician is to conquer your own country and then make it in the big wide world; so to have someone overseas that is promoting South African Music is extremely exciting. Everyone needs a foot in the door, so they are able to be noticed and heard in some way. It is awesome that Gary Cool is being afforded a platform of this sort to give South African artists the push they need.”Catherine Grenfell 

While getting a slot on Team Rock Radio is certainly a notch in the belt for Gary Cool, it’s an even bigger opportunity for all South African artists. The future of the international music is looking bright, and with Gary Cool in the mix it is sounding particularly South African.

Gary’s first show will feature the legendary Barney Simon, and a host of banging South African tunes.
You can catch Gary Cool on Team Rock Radio this Sunday (31 January 2016) at 2PM GMT. Click here to find out how to listen in.
Bands can submit their material for potential airplay to