While playing Mortal Kombat (I’m such a geek) at my gurllfriend’s house yesterday, I noticed something that I simply can not understand, why do female video game characters always have abnormally large boobs? It must surely have something to do with the fact that some guys out there, buy games for one plain and simple reason: to see large breasts flopping up and down on their screens, attached to a girl that they can never have, hoping that by some animated miracle, a nip slip occurs…What happens after that, I can not comment on, but it may involve a few tissues and a noise that sounds suspiciously similar to: “Flap Flap Flap”

Why does this abundance of breastitude, increase the overall sales of certain games? Do kids actually tell their mom or dad: “I like those boobs, they’re big, my face = television screen. I want that game! NOW!” I know, they are out there, lurking behind a huge trust fund and pretty much everything that their  little hearts desire.

I don’t buy games anymore; I’m too broke, and they’ll probably just end up the same way as my box-guitar… eternally collecting dust. The only time I play games, is when I get my lazy ass into the car, and go and rent something. Sad story… But back to the point. Look at Mortal Kombat; Sonya Blade, has one of the biggest pair of breasts I have ever laid my eyes on. They’re unreal. But  even while carrying around two extra-large watermelons, she fights like a demon with a leather jacket – a jacket doing it’s best to cover up… just how the foook do those things not fall out!? She jumps in the air, gets her ass handed to her, but no uncovered boobage infiltrating the screen? 

Think this is the only incident? Here are a few more shining examples of what’s out there.