Expect a profusion of well-crafted flavours, exceptional sounds and a colourful spectrum of Pretoria and Gauteng society, as The Cowhouse celebrates the skill and ingenuity of craftsmanship.

Craft Beer is obviously one of the focal points of the event, and will be present in a wide selection; from the refreshing Rooibos Cider from Hazeldean Brewing Company to Brewhog’s fruitful Red Lager and the Banana flavoured Fokker Weiss from Cockpit Brewhouse.

A variety of local street chefs will also be showcasing their talents in the form of Gourmet wraps, burgers and traditional curries, as the evening is spent on the lush green lawns of our charming outdoor venue, indulging the pallets and exciting the senses. To accentuate the creativity and experimentation of the growing sensation that is craft; guests will enjoy live entertainment from a wide range of South Africa’s upcoming and talented musicians such as The Sextons, Fritz Gun & Vagabond King. Whilst other attractions include the Beer Competition in association with Hazeldean Brewing Company and the Hazeldean Valley Trails, which offer fitness enthusiasts a variety of scenic routes to enjoy on bike or foot, and with their beloved four-legged friends.

We had a chat with Fritz Gun ahead of the market:

Hi there! Thanks for chatting to us. How are you feeling about performing at the Cowhouse Market?

I like the Cowhouse Market, it’s a chilled vibe, I started a romance there once… I guess it’s a strange place but she liked cows.

Haha! What can people expect from your performance on 14 April?

I like my originals and they will definitely feature in the majority of my set, so I tend to want to create an experience more than just playing through songs, I read the audience and what they are like on the day will determine my engagement to an extent.

I don’t run through covers like a DJ playlist, if/when I do covers it’s transformed to a sound where my ability and interpretation meets.

Cool. What has been your absolute favorite performance in your career?

One would definitely be the time I played at Strab with my brother, it’s one of the best festivals i.m.o.

We agree. How would you describe your sound to people who have not heard or seen you perform?

It’s acoustically driven music for now, I changed it up from the electric sound, in due time it will make a comeback.

It’s lively music and also sometimes underlined with heartache and some anger.

Are there any surprises in store from your performance at the Cowhouse Market?

I’ll definitely be playing guitar, no surprises there, some new songs I’ve been working on, there might be more artists with me on stage, but the folks will have to wait and see.

Lekker. What craft beers are you keen on trying at the market?

Two Okes Brewery is usually there and makes some great beer

It’s damn good beer… If you had to create a song for a craft beer brewery in South Africa. What would it be called? 🙂

The song would be called Space Craft

Last question. Where can people find you next?

I’m playing at Splashy Fen on April 16th.

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