Park Acoustics in partnership with Pringles proudly presents the legendary Freshlyground and friends!!

Park Acoustics welcomes back the legendary Freshlyground to the Park Acoustics stage. The last time they performed was November in 2014, but unfortunately, the show got cut short by rain two songs in. Supporting them is everyone’s favorite indie band Desmond & the Tutus, Shortstraw front man’s (Alastair) new band Cockels., Zionruts Family, Matt Carstens and 5FM’s Nick Hamman.

They have a great comedy line up with the legendary Deep Fried Man, Melt Sieberhagen, and Glen Biederman Pam.

With that said, we had a quick chat with Freshlyground.

Hi there. Thanks for your time to have a quick chat. Are you guys excited to be back at Park Acoustics?

We are super excited to be back at Park Acoustics! We love the concept and we love the fanbase that comes out.

Park Acoustics is one of the biggest monthly events in South Africa, what has been your fondest memory of performing at Park Acoustics?

One of the fondest we have is the one it rained at and we played after our neighbor Jack Parow. The audience’s energy was completely undaunted by the rain and everyone rocked out to the last note!

Freshlyground released a new album a few months, how amazing was it to release new music again?

It’s always wonderful and scary and amazing and terrifying to produce new music. This being our seventh release was a real biggie for us and we have been enjoying our fans’ response to the new work.

You’ve been around for quite some time. Do you have any advice or tips for upcoming artists?

Be prepared to work because the more you work – or play as the case may be in OUR thing – the better you get.

Before hitting the stage, do you have any pre-show routine you follow?

No. Not really.

What can people expect from Freshlyground at Park Acoustics?

The stage is our happy place, it’s where all the background work makes sense. Its where we get to connect with people. Our purpose with this music thing.

What is next for Freshlyground?

We have just come back from an incredible European tour and we hope to do further tours on our continent and in the US again in the coming year.

Thanks! We’ll see you there this weekend. Don’t forget to get your hands on tickets sommer nou!

Photos by Jonx Pillemer.