October 2017 is going to be a fantastic month for listening to Fokofpolisiekar’s new album, Selfmedikasie (Self-Medication), while enjoying a Fokof Lager in the comfort of your own home.

Don’t miss out, pre-order Selfmedikasie now.

As from today iTunes, Google Play and Amazon users will be able to pre-order Selfmedikasie. This way they will receive Selfmedikasie the moment it goes live at 00h00 on the 3rd of October.

Fokofpolisiekar unleashed Selfmedikasie to all of their crowdfunding backers on 5th September, almost a month before its official release on October 3rd and the response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. The overall sentiment is that this album was worth the 11 years wait and supporters are excited that they backed a winning horse.

Fans wasted no time picking their favourite songs from the track list. Parkiebank, Herfs 2017 and Komma are currently the most popular tunes on the album, with Dis in my bloed, baby and FLVJ not far behind.

Pre-order Selfmedikasie here:

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Pre-order the vinyl or CD here: 

Fokof Lager can be found on tap in 84 of South Africa’s finest bars, music venues and restaurants across our nine provinces, but from 4th October 2017 you will be able to enjoy it in a 340ml bottle anywhere you please.

The new 340ml Fokof Lager bottles will be introduced in a Limited Edition 12 pack gift box accompanied by Fokofpolisiekar’s new album, Selfmedikasie which will exclusively be launched at Checkers Liquor outlets country-wide from October 4th.

Fokof Lager will also be available at all of Fokofpolisiekar’s Selfmedikasie album launch shows during the course of October.

Fun fact: It’s a beer so refreshing that 15 500 litres of Fokof Lager was consumed in August 2017 alone!