In the beginning of each year, there are a lot of questions like “What are your plans for the year” and while it is sometimes exciting it could also be a bit stressful. But the moment I arrived at Park Acoustics, I knew that I’m starting my festive year off on the right foot. It seemed as if everyone else had the same idea because the world and his wife were there. It was a sold-out show after all…

Unfortunately, we weren’t one of the early birds who got to put up nest underneath the tree, so we ended up on one of the hills overlooking the agglomeration of bodies in the fort. Along with the great many people, the sun also came out to play in its brightest Sunday clothes. The heat was on!

First up was the interesting Foxtrot with their unique jazzy style. Their music was as showy and bright as the sunlight, but the type that doesn’t kill you just impress you. I would definitely recommend that you keep an eye out for this Pretorian band, they’re bound for great things.

One thing every face in that crowd agreed on was that newly solo Dawie de Jager killed it! And I still can’t decide who was hotter, the sun beaming at us or Diamond Thug. The lead singer Chantel Van T has a beautifully strong voice. Also watch out for their new single dropping this Friday, 9th of February.

Last but definitely not least were the two great legends, Koos Kombuis and Karen Zoid. The whole crowd perched up when Koos Kombuis came on stage and sat on his chair as if he was about to tell us the best story ever told. He made the crowd cheer and laugh so hard I almost thought the comedy show had already started. The lovely Karen Zoid started her show with the National Anthem, which created the most beautiful sense of unity I’ve seen in a long time. These two legends also treated the crowd by doing “Onder In My Whiskeyglas” together.

The Sunset Comedy stage afterwards was also fantastic! I can’t remember hearing myself laugh as hard as I did, Alfred Adriaan, Kedibone Mulaudzi, and Schalk Bezuidenhout might be some of the funniest people I’ve ever seen.

Thanks for another day well spent, Park Acoustics!