Okay, first things first. If you haven’t watched Infinity War… don’t read this post. Moenie!

Alrighty then… A new website gives Avengers: Infinity War fans the opportunity to see if they would survive Thanos’ infamous finger snap. The Mad Titan is front and center in Marvel’s latest, which follows his quest to collect all six Infinity Stones and bring balance to the universe. At the film’s end, Thanos actually completes his mission, and in an instant, he wipes out half the population. This meant a number of the heroes who united to defeat the villain perished, and those who survived are left to pick up the pieces and try to undo the mass genocide. Marvel Studios contracts dictate certain characters will come back from the dead, but the journey to that destination should be compelling.

Simply called www.didthanoskill.me, all the user has to do is visit the site. They’ll either see the message “You were spared by Thanos” or “You were slain by Thanos, for the good of the Universe.” Whether one survives or not seems to be dependent on cookies, though it’s unclear what the algorithm is. Unfortunately for those who were killed, refreshing the page does not change your fate. You’re stuck with whatever the site gives you.

This is an entertaining example of how Infinity War has captured the attention of the zeitgeist in a short period of time. Opening in theaters less than a week ago, the film has completely rewritten the box office record books and is close to passing the $1 billion mark well before it opens in the lucrative film market of China. Given how immensely popular Infinity War is, it’s easy to see this site catching on with viewers. Groups of friends should have a great time seeing if they’d end up “perfectly balanced” like the Avengers or if they fare better. Everybody has a 50-50 shot, so chances are someone you know won’t “survive.”

Did you survive Thanos? Tell us!

Via ScreenRant