‘FFS, get out of your comfort zone’ is a line I’ve used way too many times the past couple of months. It’s become a given when I ask someone to go out to ANOTHER place as opposed to the same old routine.

I don’t know why this is happening – I’m talking mainly about the Norfff here – with most of the people I know. They’re to scared to venture out of their ‘routine places’ to see what the world has to show, it’s always too far, or they always have other plans, it’s always a braai at the same spot. I don’t have anything against a good old braai, but at the same place each and every weekend? Fuck that!

We have an O’Hagans, Big Five and Watergat in the Norfff, that’s about it, no other place deserves a notable mention. This is where most people spend their weekends, it’s become a routine which I’m sadly also used to.

The ‘Shell of the Norfff’ as I’d like to call it, is preventing anyone from escaping their ‘same old bullshit routines’ and experience something different. I hate doing the same thing each and every weekend, it does not satisfy my yearning for something different to the norm we’re used to. This argument can also be compared with other areas and their residents, For Fuck Sakes people – do something different! We’re humans, our need to explore and experience other places have taken a setback and we’re content with not doing anything adventurous or daring.

The so-called Shell is meant to be broken, because after you get through the thick exterior, you will notice that the part you’ve never experienced is actually more soft, and better than the rough outer skin.

With that, I close my rant… or whatever this is.