This will be my last post on Why Ed for the year 🙁

We had a good run and wonderful memories engraved into our skulls. We’ve seen the best of the web, and more often the worst *Miley cough cough*. We’ve been through shit and also happy times. We drank so much booze it could’ve killed any normal person. We’ve smoked so many cigarettes that we should seriously considered seeking medical attention… just kidding. It’s been quite the good year if you can call it that: we brought in podcasts (one to be exact, with countless in the drafts), changed our appearance, got a brand fucking spanking new logo, saw boobies, passed out at festivals and made new acquaintances.

I’ll be going down to the coast for a few days with my lady, drinking, partying and skinny dipping every night. So, I will now bid you a farewell for the year and sincerely hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

However, before I hit the road, I need to point out that Tank will maybe (probably not – Tank) contribute a few things over the holiday. That is if working at IGN Africa doesn’t kill him first!

We hope you enjoyed every moment with us and will provide your support in 2014. To end off this online party, we’ve included a few links to posts which you might fancy over the holidays. Let’s think of them as posts to remember us by!

See you at the bar (somewhere along the coast)

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