Yesterday saw the release of Dead Mindset, the highly anticipated new album from Johannesburg’s metal titans Facing the Gallows.

Formed by vocalist Bryan Binneman, bassist Rayner Abraham and guitarist Chase Beynon in 2007. They added guitarist Ricki Allemann and Nemanja Stabic on drums, beginning the bands journey that is currently in its 11th year. The band released their debut ep ‘What If They Run’ in 2009 and have since released ‘This Is Hate City’ (2012) and ‘Chapters’ (2013). Known for their mixed style blending elements of Metalcore, Punk, Thrash and Hardcore.

Facing the Gallows are well known for their high energy and explosive live performances from small club stages to large festival shows. Have played every major festival including Oppikoppi, Ramfest, Woodstock, Krank’d up, Thornfest, and Splashy Fen to name a few. Since forming, Facing the Gallows have opened for international acts such as August Burns Red, Every Time I Die, Darkest Hour, Our Last Night, The Ghost Inside, Affiance, Underoath, Asking Alexandria, Have Heart, Shipwreck, Unearth and Protest the Hero.

In April 2018 Facing the Gallows are joining Secrets on their South African Tour. For the rest of the 2018 calendar, the band will be working alongside Jam Packed Productions touring with international acts Fit for A King, Dance Gavin Dance, Our Last Night and Hands like Houses in early 2019.

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Rad! We had a quick chat with Chase Beynon after the album release:

Hi, Chase. Thanks for your time. How excited are you on the release of Dead Mindset?

Thank you for chatting to us! We are extremely excited to be releasing Dead Mindset now after 2 years in the making!

What makes Dead Mindset special for you?

What makes this album really special to us is the amount of time and effort we have spent on it. It is incredible to see the album take shape and turn into what it is now. The lyrics are also a special part of the album for us, as we all worked on them as a band and speaks through all of us.

Which tracks from Dead Mindset are you keen on playing live to your fans?

Pretty much all of them! Haha. We are having a really good time practicing all the tracks and plan to play the album from start to finish on our tour. Band favourites would have to be ”Illuminate” and ”Dead Mindset”

What has been the best advice you’ve received as an artist in South Africa?

It doesn’t matter if you play to 2 people or 2000 people, play with heart and passion and the crowd will feel it.

You’ve played alongside numerous international acts. Who stands out for you the most and any interesting stories from that experience?

We have been lucky enough to play with many bands that we have looked up to for years. Our Last Night, The Ghost Inside, Every time I Die, Darkest Hour, Haste the Day, Have heart to name a few. As a band, we have one or two more to tick off of our list of bands that we would love to share the stage with. Personally one of my highlights and interesting moments would have to be finishing a show and Mike Schleibaum of Darkest Hour coming over to say our set was absolutely badass. Life made from one of my guitar heroes!

What can people expect from your album launch tour next month?

After taking a bit of a break to focus on the album, it has been a while since we have played a showed, and we are amped to hit the stage again with more energy than ever! Stage dives, high fives and crowd boating are on the agenda!

What is next for Facing the Gallows, after the tour?

After our initial tour around SA and with Secrets, we are already working on further local tours which we can’t say too much about. We have some more music video ideas that we would also like to shoot for tracks off of Dead Mindset. Planning on a concept type EP has also begun, which we’re thinking a little differently about in terms of writing, so stayed tuned!

Be sure to get your hands on their latest album! NOW!

*Cover photo by Mike Bell