Everybody uses Facebook or knows about it. It’s taking over the youth, social gatherings and in some cases – the lives of some people! Artist Pawel Kuczynski played on the idea of our obsession with the social network and people’s behavior while using it, and how Facebook treats its users in these  on point satirical illustrations. He took Facebook’s infamous logo and twisted it into something else, something dark… something evil!

We love the art pieces, and why not? Most of them are true, and will make you think about your ‘addiction’ to the social network? Is logging onto Facebook the first thing you do in the morning, or is it the last thing you do before snoring off into dreamland?

Pawel Kuczynski is a Polish artist who makes illustrations “that make us think about life, politics and all that is important in the world.”

You can check out his work right here… on Facebook (LOL)

Facebook Obsessed

Facebook Madness

Facebook Life

Facebook Crazy

Facebook Gun

Facebook Illustrations

Facebook Art


Facebook Take Over

Facebook Obsession