Ebeneze Ginsberg‘s music is a colourful collection of allegories that will transport you to a place where fairy-tale love and walking barefoot in the rain is the norm.

The Pretoria born songwriter’s lyrics seek to explore the emotions that make us human. Her ethereal voice is interlaced with acoustic guitar sounds that will take you on a sonic odyssey you are bound to remember long after the music stops.

When Ebeneze isn’t busking inside an old oak tree or performing at an intimate venue, you will find her saving furry creatures, as she is a qualified Veterinarian. On occasion, she might even still be covered in animal fur during a gig. But that’s all in a day’s work as she gets to do both things she is most passionate about.

With all of that said, she released her latest track a few days ago, and we had a quick chat with her about it. Check it out and be sure to listen to the song below. Dit is lekker musiek, moenie ‘n drol wees en dit nie luister nie. Dis ‘n Why Ed belofte, bra!

Hey, there! Thanks for chatting with us! How are you feeling about your new track, which was released a few days ago?

Hi Ed, I’m super stoked about my new single, Aion. I’ve been dying to release it for quite some time now so I’m very excited that it is finally done. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into making it the best track it can possibly be and I’m hoping that it will show.

Take us through the process of getting the track out to the public? Writing, recording and all that…

I wrote Aion last year December, it went through a few iterations before I was happy enough with the song to record it. I worked with an amazing producer, FJ Liebenberg. He played pianos and fiddled with buttons and all that to make the song sound way cooler than I could on my own. I also wanted to create a tangible look and feel for the song so the cover art is quite important to me. It is the first thing people see before even listening to the music. (Remember when we all walked through Musica and bought an album based on a cool cover?)
With regards to getting it out into the public eye, that is a tricky one for an independent artist because you have to do everything yourself and unless you have unlimited funds you have to rely on people liking your music enough to want to share it with their friends. Unless you want to play your songs to your cat till the end of time there is a lot of behind the scenes work and marketing that goes into it that goes way beyond just writing music.

Photo by Henry Marsh

What message did you want to convey with the track?

The image that stuck with me while writing this song was how short and fleeting our little human lives are in the greater scheme of things, but that when you find the person you want to spend all your time with, time stands still and suddenly it all doesn’t feel so small and insignificant anymore.

You moved from Pretoria to Cape Town a few years ago, why the change?

I think I started getting “cabin fever” in the Norf having spent my whole life there before the move. (Don’t be offended I still love the Norf. A lot of good things came from the Norf like Why-Ed and John Snow haha). When the opportunity came up to move to Cape town I took it thinking that it will be a good change of scenery. It has been 3 years now and I’m loving it. I don’t think CT is the final stop though. I’m always looking for new adventures.

How is the music scene in Cape Town as opposed to Pretoria for you?

I mostly played gigs in Jo’burg before moving to CT and I must say that I’ve enjoyed the CT scene much more. The atmosphere is more supportive than competitive, the audiences are eager to hear your music and there are so many amazing venues here. I’ve also hardly ever played for an empty room in CT even during the week, I guess Capetonians are a social bunch. I didn’t gig much in Pretoria while I was staying there but now I make a point of it whenever I go there and those gigs are the best because they usually end up being a big reunion of friends.

Is a full album or EP in the works for you?

The plan is to bring out a series of singles over the course of the next year so that I can focus all my time and energy into each individual song. Quality vs Quantity. And then hopefully at the end I can stick then all together into an EP or album yes.

Which festivals are you keen on performing at in future?

I’m super excited to be performing at Rocking the daisies this year. I’m playing on the Hemp stage Friday 6 October 12:00. I’ve also entered into a competition to audition to play at River Republic (hold thumbs). I definitely hope to still play Oppikoppi and Up the creek in the future.

What is next for you?

We’re filming a music video for Aion early next month, I also started working on my next single and I have quite a few gigs lined up.

Thanks for the time! Listen, follow and enjoy her music. NOU!

*Header image by Jessie de Bruin

Photo by Jessie de Bruin