We have a brand spanking new music video for your eyes and ears today… Ebeneze released her music video for Aion a few days ago, and jinne – it’s lekker fokken fresh!

The plan was simple. Get a team of guru photographers (Stefan Louw + Gardi Coetser) to follow 1 ridiculously cute couple (Michael Ferreira + Erika Ras) around for a day. And find all the circles. Sommet net so, no fancy stuff. Just pure emotion and real liefde. Ons dig dit, hopelik doen jy ook, bra!

Aion is a stop motion film by KoringKriek Photography.

You can also Download/stream Aion right here:

For more information on Ebeneze, you can check the interview we had with her sommer hierso.

Geniet en wees awesomeness 5000!