Will we ever see a legendary music festival like the original Woodstock held on a dairy farm in 1969? Where more than half a million people attended, to witness and participate in the infamous sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll euphoria in the muddy fields of Bethel?

Probably not. But the question still beckons… Do we still need alternative music festivals? Alternative, because Woodstock was considered a true rock experience with memorable musicians including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and The Who. These days, music festivals are all about diversity. Take Oppikoppi as an example. In the old days, it was the Festival of Rock, fast forward to the year 2013; now it has such a wide variety of acts; from rock, rap, house, straight through to jazz. A festival of Rock, or an alternative music festival, and is it necessary in such a day and age?

Without a doubt! People living in the modern era, NEED a place to let the music captivate their souls. Nothing is more soothing than watching a few of your favorite artists on a stage, doing what they do best. Entertaining a generation of alternative music lovers, enticing them to let go of their everyday problems and tribulations; be it in a bush-veld, situated in a small dusty mining town called Northam, or a floating apparatus in the Breede River. These festivals are defined by their uniqueness and captivating mood. Where else in the world would you follow an intoxicated guy in a chicken suit up a rocky hill, or stand hours in the scorching sun with a lilo, just to get a glimpse of your favorite musician?

Alternative music festivals do not need people, people need alternative music festivals.