Strab Festival

What are you doing this weekend? A relaxed Saturday? Or maybe hitting up the mall with countless kids running into you?

No! Don’t do it! Fuck the mall and screw the relaxed Saturday – we urge you to check out The Road to STRAB party at Arcade Empire this weekend (17 May 2014) presented by Olmeca Tequila. There will be loads of entertainment, and great bands to provide you with joyful ear and eye candy.
Here’s the line-up for the day, yes it’s a day/night event.

14:15 Janice & the Half-jacks
15:00 Silver Creek Mountain Band (Official)
15:45 Stefan J. Dixon
16:30 Andra
17:15 Guy Collins
18:00 Naming James
19:00 Lyzyrd Kyngs
19:45 Raoul and Black Friday
20:45 Mr. Cat & the Jackal
21:45 Feed The Wolf
23:15 WONDERboom


But you’re broke? We have some good news for you, it’ll only set you back a mere 80 bucks!
You can also bring your vleisie (lady and meat) to the event, Braaiboy will be able to assist if you have a case of non-braai-ness.

You can also dress like your favorite SUPERHERO, settle down people! Everyone can’t be Batman!

See you at Arcade Empire, and if you happen to stumble upon me, give me a high five and a tequila, it’s my birthday after all as well!

* Line-up subject to change…

Check out their Facebook page for more information (Click here)