The Good Luck Bar is Turning TWO! Jinne!

In 2015 The Good Luck Bar opened its doors and has become one of the most popular live music venues in downtown Johannesburg. Known for reinventing the South African music scene with its wide variety of music genres on offer, every weekend sees top local bands on stage and music lovers can expect to find everything from folk, blues or indie to rap, electro and rock.

Who says the Two’s are Terrible? Jägermeister have come along and helped The Good Luck Bar to put together a TERRIFIC line-up of Top SA acts to Tantalise and Titivate your senses. Yes, they said it.

With all of that. We had a chat with one of the artists performing, Disco Izrael:

Hi, there. Thanks for the chat. How are you feeling about performing at The Good Luck Bar’s Birthday party?

I’ve never performed there before so I’m really looking forward to it. Line-up is dope too.

What makes you excited about being a musician in South Africa?

There is always dope stuff coming from SA.

Indeed. What can people expect from your performance?

I will be performing a few of the tracks from the album and maybe one or two new ones.

How has the reception been on the songs you released for “Spellz”

The reception has been great so far. We’ve already started working on the next release.

Joh! That is great. What is your absolute favorite song from your latest album?

I dig them all for different reasons.

You quit your job to become a full-time artist, how was that whole process for you? We can imagine it was quite an interesting time in your life?

It was an interesting time. I was working to save up money for my studio.

Last question, how can people get hold of you?


Thanks for the quick chat. Be sure to check out this Birthday Party! It’s going to be a #jol.

Photo by Dean Ventures