With Dirk van der Westhuizen being touted the next best thing in the Afrikaans music industry, the supercool younger Kurt Darren and to some the more edgy Snotkop, I thought I would catch up with the infamous Dirk at his home in Pretoria North.

“So Dirk, how is it going? You seemed to have become an overnight sensation just because you are supercool?”

Dirk: “Ag ja wel, I always fought I would be big, like very big, but then when the gym didn’t work out I tried to sing my way to the bokant. And it helped me a lot as you can see on my youtube klippie”

“I see it had more than 40 000 views in a matter of days, the video Supercool, but it puzzled me why the comments were switched off? Care to elaborate on it?”

Dirk: “I am always open to positive and negative feedback but when I only gots negative kommentaar, I decided that enough is enough, the video was supercool and didn’t deserve the comments it got, I am open minded but some of the things were very hurtvol to me, I constantly had to drive to the hoek kafee for tissues.”

“I understand, I see on the video you are sporting a shocking green jacket and dancing in the streets, where did you get that jacket and where was the dancing filmed?”

Dirk: “Ja nee daardie jacket is very lekker, I bought it when I tried to Idol and thought that first impressions were everything to the judges, but didn’t click I had to sing as well, so a doodloopstraat if you can call it that. The dancing in the street I got from some kief inspiration from the romantic comedies, they always danced to get the girl, I needed one so one thing led to another, the next things I was pimping in front of my house in my kwaai jacket pomping my tune kliphard”

“So, before Supercool, where were you performing to make a name for yourself?”

Dirk: “Like I said, I was pomping kliphard in front of my house where some pedestrians walked passed when we were doing the video, that was probably the 2nd biggest gehoor I jolled too. But the best one was a Saturday, where I did a set by the Spar in the Norff, jislaaik I got some lekker pannekoek by the people that liked my songs.”

“So, Dirk what are your plans for the future?”

Dirk: “I think I will need to look at some popular music videos on youtube to see what is hot at the moment, you know you only get one chance to make a song your own when it gets popular on that blog, otherwise Goue Sokkie Treffers looks like the next mark I would like to enter and also want to mix up Scarumba with that Call me Maybe song, jissie would that be a nice mix tape for the holidays.

“Any last words for the fans out there, a big shout out you want to give to anyone?”

Dirk: “Just to the people that support me deur dik en dun, dankie to Heidelberg Kerk that want me for their Kerkbasaar, ons gaan lekker sokkie julle, and always remember that if you don’t bring your dance shoes….you can’t dance, oh and don’t stop believing!”

We here at Why Ed would like to thank Dirk for taking time out of his busy schedule to have a word with us; we wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

* Note that this is a parody interview and if you didn’t notice it, shame on you. We wish Dirk all the best for his future.