Brilliant Game Studios, the team behind the upcoming open-world game The Black Masses, has conceived a brand new “accelerated dismemberment and procedural wounding system” for the game, which allows for limbs to be cut off on a massive scale. To demo the system, the developers have just unleashed a video wherein 10,000 zombies are sliced to pieces.

The “Dismemberment Demo” is as awesome as it sounds, with thousands upon thousands of zombies fed into a giant blender and hacked, slashed and liquefied by its blade. Dit is so mooi!

“The Black Masses is set in a massive medieval fantasy setting on a 16 sq-km island. Fight off tens of thousands of demon possessed souls while trying to solve the mysteries of what started the satanic uprising. Traverse any obstacle with our revolutionary climbing/parkour system. Level up your skills and become a god among men.”

Check it out below…