What do you get when you add a whole bunch of Nazi Zombies, comedy and gore into one place? Well, obviously you get a movie called Dead Snow 2, directed by Tommy Wirkola, and it looks fucking insane! This is actually a sequel?! How come we never heard of such a movie?! Oh that’s right, we’re in South Africa, movies like this will corrupt our youth… and drive us to Satanism.

Here’s a short synopsis of the film:

Martin (Vegar Hoel) hasn’t had the best vacation. He accidentally killed his girlfriend with an axe. He cut his own arm off with a chainsaw. And his friends STILL got devoured by a battalion of Nazi Zombies. This morning, he woke up in a hospital bed with a new arm – but it’s a super-powered Zombie arm that wants to kill him, and anything else it can reach. Martin’s PISSED. And with the help of his new Zombie Squad pals (Martin Starr, Jocelyn DeBoer, Ingrid Haas), he’s gonna deliver some payback to Colonel Herzog and his precious Nazi gold – by raising an undead army of his own.