If you’ve played the original Dead Island or Dead Island: Riptide, you would know what the game is all about; it’s a zombie first person shooter/slasher game.

It’s very addictive and scary as hell; these zombies don’t mess around! If they want to kill you, they will kill with no remorse and by all means necessary! The using of guns in the first two installments were quite “ineffective” against the undead, and didn’t help too much, a modified Katana or spiked Baseball bat did the trick, severing a few limbs here and there! Hopefully Dead Island 2 will not change their winning recipe, and keep it in the same mould as its predecessors.

Dead Island 2 will take place in a new “world” namely California in ‘MURICA. So off the Island of the Dead, and to the City of the Dead. We can’t wait for it!

Here’s the trailer, which is actually better than most movie trailers coming out these days.

PS: Thanks to Dax Frost for bringing it under our attention.