If you don’t know who Danielle Knudson is, don’t worry, neither do we… these pictures were found on the interwebs by opening too many tabs and whooooossshhhh – up comes an article about her in Guess clothes/beach wear, and we thought it’ll be a good idea to share these lovely pictures with you.

Judging by the pictures below – we can honestly say that we’ll pay more attention to the Guess ladies. Have a look gents, and tell us if you’ve ever heard about Danielle Knudson?

Danielle-Knudson-Guess beach Danielle-Knudson-Guess babe

Danielle-Knudson-Guess boobs Danielle-Knudson-Guess Hot Danielle-Knudson-Guess sexy Danielle-Knudson-Guess- Danielle-Knudson-Guess