It’s been 10 years since this video was posted online. 10 YEARS AGO! Are you feeling old? We remember watching this amazing video when we were still in high school, on a CD with loads of other stuff on there; like Joe Cartoon skits and a Weird Al Yankovic music video. The feels!

We actually never followed its creator much. Since then, Alan Becker has had a huge amount of success in animation. Today, on the 10th anniversary of the video’s release, Alan shares the story of his infamous animation.

You’d be surprised how crazy this guy’s story is! He’s been all around the web and dealt with some of the larger sites of the early 2000s, which wasn’t always a good thing. This video took us on the nostalgia highway. Can you remember this classic video? We can still remember how in awe we were when we first watched this, we thought it was sorcery back then, how little did we know how much technology would change. Back in those days, 3.2-megapixel phone cameras were the bomb!

Check it out below: