CONVERSE Inc. releases the next innovative collaboration for the Three Artists. One Song series featuring legendary musicians Mick Jones and Paul Simonon of The Clash, award winning singer-songwriter and rapper Frank Ocean and internationally acclaimed producer Diplo.

“Working alongside Mick and Paul and with Frank was one of the best creative learning processes I’ve had the pleasure of being part of,” said Diplo. “This project enabled us challenge each other while encouraging our unique talents to shine thru. Converse understands the true value of artistic freedom and allowed our creativity to shine throughout the entire process of creating the track.”

As with the previous Three Artists. One Song releases, “Hero” is a uniquely individual single that brings together the creative elements of each artist into one extraordinary track. “Hero” was recorded partly at Studio 13 in London, England and remotely on the road in Hawaii and Los Angeles. The end result is the lyrical and musical ingenuity of Paul Simonon, Mick Jones, Diplo and Frank Ocean all seamlessly incorporated into an original body of creative work.

“The core of the Converse brand is creativity and continuing our commitment to support it and the result of this collaboration has been nothing short of boundary-breaking and thus, set the bar even higher,” said Geoff Cottrill, VP/GM of Brand & Segments at Converse. “Each of these artists are masters at what they do and we could not be more excited to share such an innovative track for fans worldwide to enjoy.”

Shoes pay, Sneakers download for free – thanks to Converse!

Hero” will be available via free download here: