The Converse CONS Skate Team filmed this amazing short video in Johannesburg, South Africa. The footage is ridiculous, some of the best I’ve ever seen at these specific skate spots. It feels like the team had a blast in South Africa, and it made me happy as I’ve skated some of the spots (Loooonngg ago). The last spot I skated was Skinner in Pretoria West a year ago, but seeing pros tearing it up was unbelievable. Skinner is one magnificent spot, isolated from the world, and located between factories. The drop the skater did is one big fucking ledge with a rocky landing – almost impossible to land during the day, but he did it at night. Kudos!

The other spots (Most of them were featured in AV Skateboarding and Session Magazine) such as the marble ledges had tricks done on them I could only dream of, as well as the Germiston Bowl (I think). Have a look at the video, if you’re a skater, please tell us what spots you saw in the video that we forgot?