Yes, this is another one of those “take with a grain of salt” things, especially given that it’s Blizzard.

In what seems like a rather mundane article on CNBC that talks about Goldman Sachs raising its rating for Activision Blizzard shares, the article has a quote from an analyst to their clients that’s rather curious. “We are raising our 2019 and 2020 estimates [of Activision Blizzard shares] on account of a robust multi year pipeline of games — Diablo, Overwatch 2, and a Blizzard mobile title — which we don’t think [Wall Street] estimates are fully taking into account.”

Now, one could take this as an analyst not knowing what they’re talking about (as a sequel to Overwatch seems kind of weird, given the game came out last year and is still going strong), but the mention of Diablo raises a few eyebrows. It’s been rumoured that Blizzard is looking to remaster Diablo II after their remaster of Starcraft, and this can only fuel more fire for that one. However, it could also mean that Blizzard is getting ready to jump into a new Diablo game (which would explain the franchise’s absence at this past BlizzCon).

Whatever it is, there’s something going on that has the potential to make Diablo fans very happy in the next year.