Why did we all watch clown horrors when we were younger, if you didn’t there is a big gap in your upbringing.

And why the hell were they so scary, is it the make up or the sickening laugh? What do they have to hide under that white face and furthermore, why do they always smile?

It probably started with John Wayne Gacy, who liked to dress up as “Pogo the clown”, and murdered 33 boys around the 70’s..bit hectic hey?

From that a movie came out that caused so many youths sleepless nights and not coming near a drain, IT. Pennywise the clown was probably the scariest thing next to puberty. Poltergeist also needs a special mention here, that clown doll in the chair made even big men shriek of fear.

From there on every horror villain had to have a little bit of clown make up to make him just a tad more terrifying. If you are asking why am I blogging about clowns, because I watched Amusement this weekend and it has a rad scene where a big ass doll clown causes some few thrills, watch it!

Here is a killer gallery of clowns that made or had an effect on your childhood, Eat your heart out….