What dynamic duo do you think of when you hear ‘the best team in history’: Batman and Robin? Mulder and Scully? Biltong and beer? Jol and weekends?

Not anymore… wait for it…

To make their customer’s lives even more lekker, CarZar has teamed up with DEKRA Automotive, the largest independent vehicle inspection service in South Africa, in a groundbreaking new development that is set to bring the CarZar experience to an even wider range of customers. Did we peak your interest? Well, read on, bro!

DEKRA conducts over 25 000 roadworthy inspections in South Africa every month, as part of their mission to make the country’s roads safer. They operate in more than 50 countries worldwide and have almost 100 years of vehicle inspection experience. Think of DEKRA as the battle-hardened, streetwise cowboy, roaming the Wild West looking for bad guys to teach a lesson to. Sommer net so. No hassles, no fuss, just good old fashioned experience in an ever-changing automotive industry.

Better than fish and chips? CarZar and DEKRA are taking on the automotive industry.

Enter CarZar: the young gun, the upstart, the mold-breaker. CarZar is leveraging advances in technology to revolutionize the second-hand car industry in South Africa, leaving would-be competitors in its dust. Customers can use CarZar’s easy-to-use online platform to generate an online quote for their used car in seconds. Since its inception in 2016, CarZar has helped thousands of customers and received millions of dollars in funding from international investment firms.

Checklist When Selling Your Car

In this first-of-its-kind pilot run, CarZar users will now be able to book an inspection at selected DEKRA vehicle test centers in Cape Town (Wynberg, Montague Gardens, N1 City and Parow) and Johannesburg (Centurion and Marlboro Park). Following the pilot’s successful implementation, customers will be able to make use of any of DEKRA’s 42 vehicle test centers operating nationwide, all at no extra cost. This increased coverage will give more consumers access to a nearby inspection center.

Selling your car has never been easier, thanks to DEKRA and CarZar.

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