Choosing a bank is like the initial stages of dating , there are certain attributes that you look for and there are certain attributes that might just put you off. Sometimes people end up with someone they don’t really want to be with because they did not carefully consider whether or not that person was suitable for their personality and lifestyle. Does the person you are with share the same aspirations, do they genuinely care and do they help you grow?

A bad relationship can leave you feeling neglected, undervalued, frustrated, disappointed and most often, cheated. You need to ask the right questions and make the right decisions even if they are heard.

Capitec would like to know what type of relationship Why Ed would like to have with our bank.


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1. When choosing a bank, what do you look for in a bank?
– We look for stability, security, and to feel like we’re valued at a bank! We don’t want bad attitudes and constant spamming by the bank’s marketing staff – everyone hates that! We also want a bank that’s easily accessible; we don’t want to drive 50 kilometers or more to talk to a consultant in person.

2. What are the greatest concerns/fears you have of banks or banking?
– Spamming! Constant spamming! We received your promo email/SMS, thank you. But sending it 14 times a day becomes annoying! Also, people stealing our money, we don’t like that.

3. What frustrates you the most about banks?
– Slogans like “we care,” when it’s obviously it’s the exactly the opposite. We also don’t like paying for our own money: ridiculous bank fees are the devil!

4. What’s the most important thing you want out of your banking?
– People who care: a bank with a website that’s online more than it is offline. And extra money each month 😉

5. When saving, is a bank’s interest rate important to you?
– Yes! Always go for the bank with the best interest rates, but read the fine-print. Very easy to be screwed over by an establishment.

6. Do you bank online? If not , why?
– Yes, who doesn’t? It’s way more convenient than actually going into a branch. If we’re on the road and need to transfer funds ASAP – online banking is where it’s at!

7. Do you make online purchases? If not, why?
– Yes, we do love shopping online. Most of the items are cheaper online, and it’s less of a hassle than walking around in a shop aimlessly. Google it, find it, add to cart, check out, deliver = Happy Ed.

8. Do you make use of mobile banking including banking apps?
– Of course, but we’ll be honest, sometimes an app feels a bit untrustworthy. We heard stories of apps freezing mid-transaction with dire consequences. If an app is trustworthy and reliable, it’s very useful and a definite must-have!

9. Do you have or use a credit card, If not , why?
– Yes, but we shouldn’t. Spending money that’s not yours can hurt your financial situation.

10. Would you Switch to Capitec, why?
– Yes, Ed’s lady is with Capitec, and he is very jealous. The rates are better, banking fees limited, and you actually get interest each and every month on your savings account. What more do you want? Expect Why Ed to open a Capitec account soon.

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