Bustin Chops: the new stunt movie with a plot from our local boys.

I arrived at Menlyn Mall with high hopes – and a craving for a few good laughs – but little did I know, that I would be tearing up and developing a six-pack during the movie. Getting in was a little tougher than usual, but none the less, I got my arm band and headed into the waiting area. We could choose between a fully stocked bar of 3 assorted beers and 2 ciders while getting the pre-premiere mood on. People were standing around and looked about as clueless as I was, to when exactly the whole shindig would be starting. Luckily, after a few beers I was happy, and had my game face on when we eventually headed into the theater. (A big thumbs up, for having popcorn and drinks provided with every seat!)

Bustin Chops Movie

Before we were treated to the movie, a hearty speech was given; after which, a motivated Eugene, ran the pre-screen “taser show” along with his unsuspecting comrades (which earned them a few laughs and gasps from the audience). Popcorn flew in the air, and the crew got tased… another thumbs up! The movie itself, right from the word go, provided a ton of fun; Afrikaans one-liners, a hilarious section poking fun at early Kung-Fu movies, broken bones, copious amounts of male nudity, bravery (in the form of the E-Toll protest gag), how to put out firelighters with body parts, cow semen being digested and an unfortunate crew member who became the but of almost every joke… Poor guy! Bustin Chops impressed me. It had me in stitches; made me tear up from the laughing, made me smile, and it gave me new hope for locally produced films.

The after-party was hosted by News Café, and damn was it packed! It was as my old man would say ‘Tjok en Blok’. Some well known faces in the entertainment industry were in full swing, mingling and enjoying the vibe. Drinks were being consumed and photos were taken at every opportunity – even THIS guy got a few snaps in, a few blurry but none the less.

All in all, it was a fun local movie that I would go watch again. I would recommend Bustin Chops to anyone with a good sense of humour – or just in dire need of a good laugh.

However, is it in the same mould as Jackass? Yes, in a way… but, comparing Eugene (the sinister leader of the Bustin Chops Crew) with Johnny Knoxville? Nah, he brings his own style and persona to the party. Eugene is Eugene. He’s in a class of his own. And the rest of the crew? They don’t just make up the numbers, each and every one of them made their mark, even if it could’ve killed them.

Bustin Chops, well done!