There’s a new kid on the block who is trying their hand at live shows, and from what I saw at their launch party a few weeks ago, they are definitely succeeding.

Bunk presented Bunk 1.0 with the whole idea of “Live music meets the Strip”. It took place at Jukes in Hatfield, where they had two stages and a stellar line-up. The line-up included The Ceramics, Yo Grapes, and Bad Peter. The Strip definitely needs more live bands, and it was great to see Bunk taking that initiative and making this event happen.

The night started off with The Lebowski, Pretoria’s very own indie-rock band. For some reason, they always remind me of my younger days singing along to The Automatic’s “Monster”. All their songs are amazingly catchy, which makes it impossible to stand still while watching them. They are one of my favorite local bands at the moment, and I would definitely recommend that people keep an eye out for them.

Keeping up the indie vibes was The Ceramics, a fun band from Joburg. Their energy swept the people off their chairs and made sure that everyone in Jukes was busy dancing. I always enjoy their zestfulness whenever I see The Ceramics live.

For a band with the word “bad” in the name, I have only heard and seen good things. Bad Peter is a fantastic folk band who heated up Bunk 1.0 on a very cold winter’s night. Singing along to their “Faithful Lover” and standing in awe of their amazing guitar skills made me forget about the chilly weather outside altogether.

Lastly, we saw Yo Grapes, an indie artist with funny lyrics who always impresses me that he is a solo artist with the sound of a whole band. He always manages to own the whole stage, while winning over the crowd with his snappy tunes.

Welcome to the music-loving neighborhood Bunk, I am personally really excited to see more events from you after Bunk 1.0

Photos by Cuan Gilson