What the hell happened to MTV? What went wrong? Why are there so many reality shows? Where’s the music? Why am I struggling to watch MTV for more than 10 minutes without wanting to switch over to VH1?

These questions pop up when I switch on the TV like so many other people who loved MTV when they were teenagers. Did we outgrow our beloved music channel? Bob Dylan sang: “for the times they are a-changin” but why have they changed so considerably with MTV? Gone are all our favourite shows we tuned into religiously when our homework was done (okay, shunted away is more accurate), and gone are the days when I could sit on the couch the whole day and watch MTV. Is there anyone who can actually endure the nausea that arises when one of those superficial reality shows makes an appearance on the screen?

I miss my damn MTV! We used to watch Jackass, Beavis and Butthead, Celebrity Deathmatch, Headbangers Ball, and The Rock Chart every single day and weekend. I was not very social as you might’ve guessed by now. MTV was my social life when puberty smacked me in the groin. What happened to all of these shows? Dumped in the safe, thrown into TV obscurity, never to see the light of day again? Thought so. We loved these shows, they shaped our friggin’ adulthood! Who remembers watching an episode of Jackass, walking outside (ignoring MTV’s warnings of course), trying to replicate a stunt which involved a skateboard or even a good ol’ shopping cart?

These days we’re treated to shows aimed at Beliebers and the like. MTV, you used to also cater for people who loved something a bit harder and more bearable than “My Anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun.” I’m not saying that Jackass and the like turned us into angels, but it was a damn good show and it taught us (well, sort of) a few things about the real world; friends come and go but the memories will never fade, do have the time of your life and most importantly – don’t eat yellow snow.

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You did however upped your bobby teen-image by introducing Ridiculousness to our lives, which is probably the only reason why I would ever press 1-3-0 on my remote. Nothing else has captivated me like Ridiculousness since the good ol’ days of the infamous Rock Chart and The Osbournes. These iconic shows were good. I can understand that the producers or writers from some of these shows have quit or have no interest in creating new material, but how awesome would it be to at least show us a few reruns! Just to hike up that nostalgia-meter? You’re currently doing it with so many of these “new” shows, why not with the golden oldies? Is that too much to ask? Hell, even throw in a music video or two. It couldn’t possibly hurt. Just keep the reality shows in check, at the moment you feel more like the Pop of Culture channel.

One more thing; we can applaud you for all the festival coverage in South Africa. Job well f@#king done! But the other shows? sheesh! No adults want to see children having children or people getting drunk and screwing around. Some of us actually have friends and see this on a daily basis, well that and we see it at our local bar. We don’t need it on our TV screens as well. We really don’t hate you MTV, we’re just disappointed in what you’ve become. You’re trying so hard to fit in with the current trends and be one of the “cool kids.” So much so that you’ve completely forgotten your ethos and why MTV came into existence: for the music, and music lovers! At the moment, you’re skipping out on both. Shame on you. Not cool bru, not cool.

With that said, one last great scene from the bozos themselves, Beavis and Butthead: ““If they like, did this chart long enough, they would find out where herpes began.” – Beavis and Butthead ripping on a Jersey Shore Episode, one of the girls is going over a chart of all the people she hooked up with.”

PS: My faith in MTV is hanging by a thread at the moment – if you search for The Rock Chart MTV on the internet, you only get One Direction photos… WHAT HAPPENED?!

A few images that will take you back… to a better time: