Living on four continents in five years, Brett Newski has existed on the fringe of society and avoided the “American Dream” at all costs.

His story is no fairy tale. He didn’t get signed to a big label early in his career. He was not endorsed by cool guitar companies or big-time management. At age 25, he took matters into his own hands by quitting all of his part-time jobs and becoming a full-time nomad, posting up in the nooks and crannies of earth and sub-letting rooms in Vietnam, South Africa, Germany and Wisconsin to write songs and recharge between tours.

Newski’s sophomore LP “Land, Air, Sea, Garage” was recorded at a surf camp in the Sri Lankan jungle, and at home in Wisconsin. The album is about diving into the world with no safety net and landing on your feet. It’s a smart indie rock n’ roll record with tongue-in-cheek moments that show parallels to Jonathan Richman, Mountain Goats, early Weezer, Frank Turner, & Elliot Smith.

Brett is now in South Africa and we caught up with him before Park Acoustics this Sunday.

Hi, Brett. Thanks for chatting to us before Park Acoustics. How are you feeling about performing at Park?

The Park. It is lekka. I am pumped.

What can people expect from a Brett Newski performance?

Haha. Thanks for that! Are you excited to be back in South Africa?

SA is one of my all-time favorite countries. It’s the first place I ever toured as a solo artist.

Nice! How does the music scene differ from each of the countries you’ve visited?

People’s attention spans definitely differ from country to country. There tend to be greater heaps of heavy metal in Asia from what I’ve seen there. I particularly love the punk scene in Sa.

Any places you want to visit while you’re in South Africa?

Durban is the hidden gem of the country. Also maybe the Karoo Desert. I played an impromptu show there at “Ronnies sex shop” in 2011.

Joh! Lekker vibes. What has been your greatest achievement as a musician?

Probably not having to work a day job. That was my number one goal when I began playing. 🙂

Sounds like a dream… Who has been your greatest influence in your career?

Here are my top ten musical influences in life so far:

Any surprises you might have up your sleeve for Park Acoustics?

Yes! I’ve been training for this day in Pretoria:

Haha! Thanks for the chat. We’ll see you on Sunday!