No matter how old you were when the song came out, everyone knows the iconic Blink 182 video to “What’s My Age Again?”, which showed the rock trio running through the streets of L.A. completely naked. It made us run naked in the streets, hoping to find a sexy nurse… come on! We all did that!

In an amazing twist of fate, three internet celebrities—Lele Pons, Hannah Stocking and Vale Genta—reenacted the video for the soundtrack to the new movie She’s Out Of Her Mind. Yes, but this version contains a lot less male pixelated nudity.

Save for a few modern updates (an iPhone instead of a magnifying glass, for example), the new video is an almost shot-for-shot homage.

The song featured is from Blink’s 2016 album “California,” and is interspersed with footage of the band performing the song in a small venue. And a very hot Adam Devine makes an appearance… as a nurse.

The clip is part of Spotify’s new Flash Frame series which will celebrate various musicians’ careers.

Check it out. We also included the original video below:

Right in the nostalgia!

Image via Rolling Stone