So some people including myself are not connected to the world anymore because of this Blackberry server being down for almost 3 days now…..tsk tsk. There have been some good and bad things about this dilemma so far.

Let’s point out the bad things, I have to use a SMS technique now to communicate with other people, it is that function that costs approximately R1.50 PER SMS to the other person and you have to actually get through some trouble to accomplish this. Sucks much, but the other bad thing is, my phone has become quite dull, it doesn’t have that excitement that the web brings to it, no more striking twitter updates or a quick webpage peek, none of that. The good things which are definitely a plus point is no more irritating BC messages that the world is going to end if you don’t forward this message at least 32 times to all your contacts. *Fist Pump* the other one which I like to point out is no more shitty band show invites from Facebook, if I really was interested in your band I would probably go and watch your shows, but after the 14th invite you should get the point, but nooooooo!!

Some of the people I heard about are freaking out and demanding their money back, yes R6.00 will change your life (So far as I know the service costs R2.00 a day…) or if it goes on for the rest of the week a lonely green note with a big 10 on will probably get you one beer, if you are lucky.

So everyone should just chill the fuck out, imagine 20 years ago were we didn’t have the luxuries of today. They got through it and we will as well, don’t be so petty and say your phone is your life. For once I am enjoying my Blackberry downtime, the only thing I am not keen about are those irritating BC’s from “RIM®” that will surface after we have been connected again, and if you do send me one you are a dumb twat that needs to be punched in the kidneys.